Aliexpress Bliss Wigs Review (don’t buy!) + Luxy Hair Co

Luxy Hair Co. Link to hair:…

10 thoughts on “Aliexpress Bliss Wigs Review (don’t buy!) + Luxy Hair Co

  1. Neks2u

    OMG! I couldn’t stop laughing when you showed the jacked up wig! ????????????????
    your new hair looks lovely?

  2. BeautyLuvsMii

    Lmaoooo you are too funny how you tossed that hair in the background! But
    that’s how MY hair looked after a week from April laced wigs. I’m going to
    do a review on ot just been really busy, but I did keep the hair so I can.
    Any who nice vid!!!?

  3. Lovely Mess

    Thats horrible I bought a wig from them a month ago and I adore it im
    putting up a video now I even did the hair test after I saw your vid that’s
    unfortunate you had a bad experience I wish you happier hair days in the
    future love ?

  4. bomshell30

    Hey how are you I just stumble across your channel I like it maybe you can
    check out my channel thumbs up and subscribe and let’s be friends thank god

  5. shawna wyatt

    Thanks for the honest review. I really want to order some hair from this
    website bt im not sure what vendor to go to…?

  6. catmo59

    Bliss hair is a joke. In addition to jacked up ventilation they also sent
    HARD lace like beauty supply.. Do NOT buy from Blsss?

  7. Sonia1morena1

    I concur, people should not waste any money on this company and I would go
    further and say Ali express. Ali Express manipulates the rating of their
    vendors by not publishing all their negative reviews they receive thus
    making the companies appear better than they are. Bliss Wig sell plastic
    products that feels hards and doesn’t last long (less than a month). If you
    see a positive review for this company, know that the reviewer is most
    likely being paid and would say anything for the dollars!?


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