Alternatives to wearing a wig

If you get an error message saying this video is no longer available….please watch it under the same title on the more recent upload. It seemed to be unavailable for awhile. Coming to terms with my total hair loss due to alopecia areata, this is my advice to women in a similar situation. If you have Alopecia Areata, check out:
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23 thoughts on “Alternatives to wearing a wig

  1. Drmrfordancing

    Visit/join a website called AlopeciaWorld. (YouTube won’t let me post the ending of the website address, but it’s the usual.) It’s a wonderful online community? for people with alopecia areata and other forms of hair loss. Lots of great people, videos, blogs, photos. Tons of support from women going through just what you are.

  2. Truckstopbetty

    At this point, I’m so afraid of losing it all. I don’t know whether to cut it or let it go. When I pull my hair back, despite a little teasing, it shows my scalp. I usually wear my hair in a side braid and incorporate a pretty scarf in a long braid This makes my braid look like a normal braid. I shouldn’t? be so sensitive about this. There are so many people who are far worse than my condition, but it does worry me. My hair is everywhere & I treat it like precious gold! lol I really admire you!!!

  3. Truckstopbetty

    You are a real dear to respond to my comment. I have been recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism and I have enormous stress! My hair is actually past my waist in length and I’ve been losing my hair like crazy!!! Pictures from Christmas a yr ago show the difference that were shocking to me. I don’t have actual bald spots,? but thinning is all over. I almost lost my hair when I went thru chemo/radiation in 2004, cut it collar length & I’ve been growing it ever since. .

  4. Drmrfordancing

    Thanks for your wonderful comments! Since making this video in 2008, I’ve completely adjusted to going out in public bald. It’s just the way I am, and life is too short to be bothered by it. I think that if more women with hair loss just did the same, bald women would become less of an “oddity” and we’d have more freedom to be who we are. It worked for bald men, who are now considered sexy.?

  5. Truckstopbetty

    Thank you for sharing this video. I think you are just gorgeous! The scarves are lovely, as well. I? haven’t thought about wearing scarves like this and it’s surely an alternative to balding or thinning hair. So many other women are going to benefit from watching your courageous video. Keep on getting out just as you are… you are beautiful!!!

  6. Bunnylikescandy

    You are amazing! I don’t know what i’d do if I? lost my hair. but knowing that theres people like you out these gives a girl hope if this was ever to happen <3

  7. anitalouise10

    I love the scarves you are showing. Thanks for sharing? how to wear them. I am not having much luck finding them online. Would it be possible for you to share the site that you found yours? thanks

  8. jennyomalley

    Thank you so much for posting this video. You have made my day,I’m? going on-line right now to find those scarves. xx

  9. starzhere

    Mary – I’m going to be going through chemo and your video makes me feel so much better about losing my hair. Can I ask you where you get your scarves. I’ve tried googling Turkish Scarves? and not having much luck. Thanks! – Elaine

  10. starzhere

    I love your video! I’m going to be going? through chemo and your video made me feel so much better about losing my hair. I’m really getting excited about wearing scarves. Do mind telling me where, online, you are buying your scarves. I’m not having much luck with googling Turkish Scarves.

  11. dendelionnum1

    Oh my gosh :( im very sad of the illness u have. :( but why u dare to walk out of the door with nothing on yr head? anyway, *wish u to grow hair faster*? :)

  12. Drmrfordancing

    Thank you very much – I’m glad you enjoyed it. Since making this video almost two years ago, I’ve given up totally on trying to wear a wig…they’re just too hot for me. Yes, I’m wearing more eye makeup now (tattoos) and always feel better in earrings. It helps? me feel better. I think you’re right, attitude is a big part of it, and accepting who we are.

  13. Drmrfordancing

    Thank you. I’m so glad you like the video. Best wishes on your treatment. Last year, I gave away the wig shown in this video to a dear friend who was undergoing chemo. She wore it for a year and now she’s doing great. Because I get asked all the? time what kind of cancer I have, I’ve come to feel a special kinship with women who do have cancer…if that makes sense. Mary

  14. andieph

    I enjoyed this? video. You are beautiful with or without the `hair’ or scarf. I do notice that carrying off a feminine look would require the woman to wear attractive make-up and/or accessories (well that’s what I think). And I think a great attitude about self and life will also shine through. Would you say that?

  15. adiegrey

    thank you for this video; I’m going through chemo, and this has made me feel much better. You are beautiful bald, and the scarves are a lovely way to? have an alternative.
    again, thank you.

  16. Myshellybell

    I have? alopecia as well… I am looking into getting a wig. I am not brave enought to go out without “covering up”


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