Amy Sedaris Is Obsessed with Beard Wigs

Amy Sedaris chats with Jimmy about her haunted dollhouse-themed bedroom, and tries to come up with a persona to go with her new wig. Subscribe NOW to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon:…

13 thoughts on “Amy Sedaris Is Obsessed with Beard Wigs

  1. Jessica Zane

    She looks exactly the same as she looked when she did Strangers With Candy.
    Her interacting with Stephen Colbert’s jerk character in that show was

  2. chata181

    “Who sent you?”
    “Papa elf”
    “Papa elf?”
    “Mhm, from the North Pole!”
    Please tell me this is that lady from elf bc she is FABULOUS(: ?

  3. Ann Marie DeQuarto

    When Jimmy started on Saturday Live. He was the best to me, I couldn`t
    stop laughing .There were many on the show that have great talent.That
    show goes way back from the start for me ,i have seen the best . I did see
    40yr show. I liked seeing again Mick Jagger with Jimmy “That was Funny“?

  4. Aiden Willows

    I am so freaked out by wigs but I love how actors can create a whole
    persona with simple change of hair. I know when I was in drama in high
    school I was freaked out and would have people chase me around with them.
    Ah, the good old days… ?


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