April Lace Wigs Initial Review

Hey guys thanks for watching my Aprillacewigs.com initial full lace wig review. All the info you need to know about the hair is in this info box. Please chec…
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12 thoughts on “April Lace Wigs Initial Review

  1. Presh Bianca

    What did the burn test (when you lit the hair strand on fire) prove? Does that mean its human hair. Also do you think a size small could have worked too? Did? you seal the knots on the inside of the cap to reduce shedding?

  2. Presh Bianca

    Also I want to see if its possible to pull it back…could? you please put in your next review the hair in a middle part, side part, and pulled back? When curled how long do they last also does it get really straight and silky after flat ironed?

  3. Presh Bianca

    I’m so happy you did this review I’ve been researching for months now on? this unit and tips and tricks on how to install!

  4. antoniajaya

    hopefully you get a good batch because I think mine might have been tainted a bit. It just sheds really badly. It stopped for a bit but now it still does. But the good thing is it doesn’t tangle, but it does dry out throughout the day. I’m going to add some wefts in it to make it a bit fuller. But the? hair itself is nice :)

  5. antoniajaya

    Yup i got the “brown” lace one. I did lightly dye it because I found it just a bit too light. So I used one? of those instant dyes and left it in for like 5-10 minutes just to tint it darker, and it def looks better.

  6. 86mzjada

    Did it give u the option to pick your silk top color… Because I’m about your color and I dnt want them to send one with? really light scap

  7. antoniajaya

    Hey I’m moving back to school? right now but once I get settled I will do a detailed review after install. But just so you know, it shed pretty badly once I cut the? lace and I felt like the hair went down to a 115 density from 120….it shed that much. But now it is holding up well with very minimal shedding.


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