Aprils Lace Wigs Horrible Experience!!!

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7 thoughts on “Aprils Lace Wigs Horrible Experience!!!

  1. TimaBimaTv

    Girllll im so glad I found this video!! I bought my wig from April lace
    wigs lakia star sold me on the silk top lace wig she reviewed, I was so
    excited to receive it and I did first of all I cldnt track my order the
    company wouldn’t respond to any of my emails thts was a sign right thete
    but I ignored it cuz I was so thirsty 4 this hair after watching lakia star
    review, n e way the was pretty but it was thin asl it was jet black which I
    dyed the color lighter and the hair shed so bad it went from a 18″ 2
    currently right now 14″ thts crazy the wig has thinned so badly from all
    the shedding im very disappointed after spending $350 I would never prder
    frm this company again! But I have 2 say the silk top lace was bomb thats
    about it! But tjnks for ur honest review cuz I kno now do not believe wat
    these gurus say they should be ashamed! I do t hve 300 d ollars to jst
    waste! Sorry abt the long commentbut thanks 4 sharing. ?

  2. Airy Whistle

    I experienced a similar situation. I am so hurt & disappointed because I
    waited and researched for a whole year before deciding to purchase from
    this company, praying I would be one of the lucky ones to have a perfect
    experience… Not so. They’re communication is horrible. I’m still waiting
    for my refund or at least for someone to contact me. Today is 3/8/14, I’ve
    been dealing with them since November of last year regarding the same wig
    order…NEVER AGAIN!?

  3. JL Tucker

    I am so sorry this happened to you but I purchased two wigs from them and
    they were full-lace wigs with silk tops they shed so bad! It’s crazy the
    way they treat paying consumers. ?

  4. promiseualways

    OMG!! Gurl, you’re better than me because I would have gotten my money
    back! 200 dollars for that hot mess, nope. That wig look like it has the

  5. Virgojamika31

    Woooooowwww rpgshow and.now april lace wigs not orderin from them try
    California lace wigs cost more but seems good ?


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