Arda Wigs at Anime Weekend Atlanta 2012

AWA was loads of fun! Thank you everyone that came by our booth to shop and show us your wigs in action! BGM: Zelda Item Shop Theme – Guitar cover by CSGuita…

10 thoughts on “Arda Wigs at Anime Weekend Atlanta 2012

  1. Hippiefriend101

    So? are you going to Youma-con 2013..?!
    Because I’m looking to buy my first wig.. And you guys definitely look nice ,helpful, and like a genuine store!! I sure hope you’ll be there for 2013! It’d be my first convention!!^.^ yay!!

  2. Arda Wigs

    All the short styles we bring? to conventions are $30. We have a banner for those, and then another banner on the other side of the booth for medium and long wigs.


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