Battle of the wigs! : Diva’s Wigs Vs RPG Show

PLEASE OPEN FOR ME MORE INFORMATION!!! Please watch in 1080p (HD) Diva’s Wigs unit: Wig I received :…

24 thoughts on “Battle of the wigs! : Diva’s Wigs Vs RPG Show


    Hey girls, RPGSHOW also have beautiful curly wigs. =) I do recommend u our
    new arrival NC001. ?

  2. TheSoapylicious

    I think the problem is that your cap under the wig has the wrong color. Its
    too bright so even if u try it to cover up with make up ppl can see.
    Otherwise the wig closour would look more realistic. I like the first wig
    btw. It looks more natural.

    Lol I think if I would wear wigs instead of weave I would just go out buy
    some dark brown stockings and sew it together with my maschine and wear my
    own made caps. Cant really deal with all that blending stuff. I’m lazy. I
    do something once and after that I just want a easy going. ??

  3. Amelia Le bon

    whats the difference between people with relaxed hair and natural hair? why
    can one group rock one and the other not? just curious… ?

  4. YosukeHanamura4Life

    Love the RPG Show wig the most. The way you cut it is really cute. That
    style looks great on you. :)?

  5. Kerii Rowaida

    I want the divaswig then.. it loooks stunning and very natural I would love
    to have it.
    But it’s a lil bit on the thin side though?


    RPGSHOW I can’t seem to find this wig, which is annoying the only one that
    comes up is a pic of Kenya Moore with a long wig.? Confused by this . ?

  7. TheObiribea

    Both look lovely Ropo. I love the kinky curly one, has some nice curls. I
    don’t know if it’s my screen but your concealer looked very light but that
    could be my eyes. My vote is for Diva Wigs, those curls are beautiful but
    it’s a shame about the line of demarcation. :)?

  8. Koko Mnkiko

    first wig looks fresh and young on you, second wig makes you look like some
    rich lady who can afford the most expensive hairstylist. RPG lace is better
    though. try a darker wigcup underneath for both… BTW, how much does each

  9. Renee Martinez

    You are beautiful!! Love your accent rpg won but don’t make your parts so
    big and darken your wig cap. But other than that it was beautiful on u?


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