Behind the Scenes of Lauren: Baby I Did Right | Feat. Troian Bellisario | WIGS

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21 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes of Lauren: Baby I Did Right | Feat. Troian Bellisario | WIGS

  1. cmbooks2000

    Yesterday I saw a MO. congressman (Todd Akin) running for? US Senate make a comment re: women and rape that’s a gut kick. In some instances our so called advanced society still regards women as chattel and even less. To know that men who write the rules hold such aborant and ignorant views is terrifying. I applaud this series and hopeit will lead to sweeping changes in the military, politics, corporate America and at home.

  2. bassist206

    I think all of you people who say you LOVE Troian need to gtfo because I LOVE HER! lol, oh spencer? hastings… why arent there thousands of you

  3. chrisleealee1

    I am starting to get annoyed of WIGS.. only because their episodes are wayyyy too short.. and that their just always seems to leave more? questions in the end of each series.. haaahaa. But good job WIGS.. especially with Lauren! =]

  4. BeeSam21

    She’s great…. She’s okay in pretty little liars but that’s not such a gr8 program story? wise – this allowed her to show us how well she can act & hope she does more of these kinds of projects in future….

  5. JuustLeah

    Troian Bellisario has been my idol for a while but? I have a whole new respect for her. Her acting surpasses my belief, spectacular

  6. jessiesorormystica

    I am a victim advocate for the military overseas and I just want to say that the writers, director, and actors have nailed it in this series. I want to thank everyone who? is involved in this series for bringing out such a fantastic mini-series. You guys really should try and put this out as a pilot to get on television. Army Wives is on television, why aren’t you guys?! This mini-series is awesome!!!

  7. 08lilyloveable

    WOW 2 days to prepare herself for such an intense role. My Respect for Troian has gone up 10 fold. The actresses on? this series are phenom. Well done WIGs for getting them on board.

  8. xxcrashspyroxx

    my favorite? wigs series is still Blue but this is up there. it has a different feel that Blue but so far it’s proven itself to be just as good.

  9. mesmerisedbymusic

    Wow seriously I’m so overwhelmed and amazed by this series of lauren. You have the best people picked out for these roles… they unleash such passion and inspiration for these series. I really have to give you guys kudos on all the incredible effort you all? have put into these web series. I’m just so impressed! ^^ Great job, great job!


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