BESHE Lace Front Wig Review

BESHE Lace Front Wig Review

DISCLAIMER: I was sent this wig to review and to provide my honest opinion on the product. I am not being paid to make this video nor am I paid by Elevate Styles. WIG INFO: BESHE SYNTHETIC FRONT LACE WIG VERA Synthetic Front Lace Wig Designed by Beshe Extra Deep Tight Curly Style .88 including tax

12 thoughts on “BESHE Lace Front Wig Review

  1. FashionsRevenge

    i purchased this wig, it didnt have a natural hairline,? and it wasnt soft. i love these types of wigs, but the one i received blew up and i cant do anything with it!

  2. dollladie

    Question. I like Vera and Asus, which you also reviewed. It’s pretty, casual and dressy. Just your personal? opinion; do you prefer one over the other, and if so, any pros and cons? I’m going to order from Hairwigharlem. Thanks!!!!

  3. johannawilliams86

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  4. prhopan3

    How far forward do you wear your wig cap? Does it have to be that beige color? I don’t know if I’ve been wearing my lace fronts correctly; I leave? my wig cap about two inches back from the hairline… should I move the cap forward so its underneath the partline of the wig?

  5. braidsinthecity

    Braids in the City, Beauty Supply & Salon sells all of the “hard to find” Beshe line of lace front wigs. GREAT customer service and shipping is way less! Call today.
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