Best Lace Wigs Presents…Glueless Chinese Virgin Lace Wig GSW121

Best Lace Wigs Presents...Glueless Chinese Virgin Lace Wig GSW121

PLEASE READ Find Best Lace Chinese Lace Wig GSW121 Here Mommy Bling Shirt This is a beautiful lace with 3 combs and a drawstring. Hair is Top Quality and The Curls are beautiful **LET ME KNOW WHAT SYLE YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE ME DO WITH SW121 ON FOLLOW UP VIDEO** Follow me on twitter for more hair and upcoming videos Love You & Thanks For Watching!! Ateya
Video Rating: 4 / 5

23 thoughts on “Best Lace Wigs Presents…Glueless Chinese Virgin Lace Wig GSW121

  1. MultiPamela74

    god doesn’t bless those who spout negativity…i have several that i paid for and never had a problem with them, if you have the income, you? can afford to look good. bitterness is not next to godliness… and some company give their wigs to ppl to review to other, what better way of marketing a product then by word of mouth..

  2. MultiPamela74

    explain your comment. you watched her take it out of the package, and take the curls out, and you say its matted, but its not, those are called curls, makes me wonder? about you as a person to make such a statement, how many units do you own that are like hers, those are called curls, you can also make curls like that too, you know…..those that spout negative comments like these deserve the negative right back at them…

  3. miechellet

    Very beautiful!! Cant wait to purchase mine!. I love how the baby? hairs are just short little ringlets and not slicked down to your face.. Love it!

  4. Shantaeevans

    Why every? wig i have seen her in is 100.00 dollars and above i thought she was showing how to have great hair and save money, these companies got to be giving her these wigs,

  5. bestlacewigsbuy

    i love this lace wigs,too.
    more lace wigs can go to our other lace wigs store: bestlacewigsbuy-com

  6. beloved242

    You can attach combs onto nearly any wig. What’s the quality of? the hair like, and what does the nape look like behind your head??

  7. TikiTubeable

    Rofl? these wig companies must be paying you VERY well, because you know that shit and basically ALL of your wig videos look a fucking MESS.

  8. lkofie

    WOW…it’s about time. I’ve always wanted to try a lace front wig but ANY hair style that requires glue as an adhesive is NEVER appealing to me so I just don’t do it. So it’s? GREAT to see that LACE FRONT wigs are now being made WITHOUT the need for glue!

  9. lheartlondon

    thank you. i like seeing your styling techniques!!! I? like your custom u tube music too. thanks for your videos.

  10. 1curvyvixen

    I love the curls.,,im tempted to buy but i need to find a way to style this without? it looking so “wiggy” have you tried flat ironing the wig? did the curls snap back


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