Review ( Silk Top FullLace Wigs Chinese Virgin Hair ) #SW048S

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24 thoughts on “ Review ( Silk Top FullLace Wigs Chinese Virgin Hair ) #SW048S

  1. TwoSpirit Divinity

    Looking lovely DollFace :) I’ve been wanting to try a unit, and just took a
    peek at their site. How was the payment clearance and shipping experience?

  2. lisaeboni

    U make any hair work for u! It always looks so good..i like how u have it
    behind your hairline. Did u buy it a certain size to do that or did u cut
    some of the perimeter? Thats my thing, wanting to buy a full lace but have
    leave out.

  3. JacqueM

    I’m pleased with your honesty on this review, due to the fact in the past
    I’ve ordered from BestLaceWigs and when I received there wigs after 4 days
    of wearing it, it started to shed, become matted, and tangled badly. It’s
    been almost two years since I made a purchase from that company. Maybe If I
    do a review the next time I decide to order a wig from that company they
    probably will send a better quality wig! :-/

  4. El Jai Thunderheart

    Hey I have a thught; what if you were to let Bestlacewigs know about the
    thinness in the back/bottom area of that unit. Do you think they would take
    it into consideration and alter that particular style? If you do, let me
    know what they say. Thanks for sharing.

  5. MylCeeizMINE

    Second – is there somewhere if could email you for advice on hair/wigs etc?
    It wouldn’t need you to reply unless you wanted to so I don’t expect you to
    spend a mass amount of time etc but if you could read it and maybe get back
    to me if you can offer any insight? It’s the whole ‘character & frequency
    of post’ thing or I would post here :( Anyhows thanks again and
    loveloveLOVE your stuff!


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