BestLaceWigs: Full lace wig in Chinese Virgin Remy with Silk top

BestLaceWigs: Full lace wig in Chinese Virgin Remy with Silk top

This wig is too pretty, I chose to layer it and take some of the length off around the front to frame the face more, the length is still in the back and the hair is gorgeous. I purchased the unit to show you where I am, what I do, and what my own feelings are as a Customer. Coupon Code discount: POET sw048 silk top Chinese virgin hair Starting at: 0 free shipping by fedex or ups hair texture: Chinese virgin hair hair color: natural color, 1b fadding to 2# Length: 18 Inches
Video Rating: 4 / 5

16 thoughts on “BestLaceWigs: Full lace wig in Chinese Virgin Remy with Silk top

  1. chanell1030

    ok thank yu and 1 more question? :)sorry if im bothering yu :) the higher the density the fuller the wig is??? or its the other way around??


  2. prettylittlebiatch

    depending on the density you ask for and stlye…i ordered? a indian remy sent it back it was super flat. u just never know with these companies unless ur a blogger/reviewer u will get hand picked top of the litter

  3. prettylittlebiatch

    i agree i bought from blw after seeing all these reviewers and i sent it back paypal dispute and? won thank god bc i paid 350. buy elsewhere.

  4. glittergirl7774

    Ladies! Do? not buy from this company, they send great wigs to reviewers and terrible ones to everyone else. I’ve just paid over $200 for the worst rats nest i’ve ever seen! I haven’t touched it but haven’t had the offer of a refund or return. Save your money, buy elsewhere!!!

  5. GoddesssAphrodite

    The wigs looks great? on you,but U were lucky you got a good quality unit, I got a low quality lace front and? it started to tangle and shed so bad the first time I washed it and their customer service did not do anything about it.I recieved mine late,and I had problem with it from first week..People BEWARE of this company….They are nice when you re purchsing something but they just stop ansewring your email as soon as you find a problem with their wig….very very bad customer service

  6. ghettomama4real

    Did? anyone else feel she was building up to say that it WASN’T good? Then suddenly she said it was gorgeous loool. Looks lovely by the way.

  7. metyjo

    I love the Chinese Remy full lace wig from Bestlace Wigs. I bought this wig in Nov. 2011 and it still looks GREAT! It has never tangled, even when I sleep in it and my head scarf? comes off. I absolutely love this wig. I will deffinetly buy another.

  8. latabelleza

    Do not i repeat buy anything from bestlace wigs they have horrible horrible cust? serv im inclined to now blieve persons were paid ex given wig(s) to do videos misleading….however perhaps they werent n had good luck…. Rpg show and wholesalewigs online

  9. bettinajohnson1

    Hey? Phillyzjam…I liked ur video. Wanted to know if you knew a stylist in philadelphia that can install a silk closure?

  10. missydynasty

    phillyzjam could u plz plz plz do a review on ‘good hair ltd’ full lace wigs? i wanna get one but i only purchase after i see reviews.? thanks. oh and u can find good hair ltd onfacebook

  11. LoveALace

    Your BLW is gorgeous…

    I just ordered for the first time from Best Lace Wigs and have to say I’m disappointed. I ordered 16inches Chinese Virgin and the wig I received is 16inches in the back but 14inches in the front. Also the lace is not as undetectable as my other full lace wigs. Not sure I want to spend my money again taking a chance on their? product.

    How many times have you ordered from BLW and how do you find their quality?


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