Bestlacewigs: Glueless Full Lace Wigs Gsw300 Ciara off until February 14, 2012 #Gsw300 Ciara Wig (Glueless Cap) Full lace wig 22in Indian remy hair
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22 thoughts on “Bestlacewigs: Glueless Full Lace Wigs Gsw300 Ciara

  1. GoddesssAphrodite

    The wigs looks great on you,but U were lucky you got a? good quality unit, I got a low quality lace front and? it started to tangle and shed so bad the first time I washed it and their customer service did not do anything about it.I recieved mine late,and I had problem with it from first week..People BEWARE of this company….They are nice when you re purchsing something but they just stop ansewring your email as soon as you find a problem with their wig….very very bad customer service

  2. Dlovely291

    This blond color suits your skincolor & features very well! Can’t wait to buy the Ciara for myself.

  3. twoodoo

    i think the first way looked more like beyonce. but anyway, love the color. works? GREAT with your skin.

  4. Grmcelebritywigs

    GRM Celebrity Wig Warehouse sponsors youtubers with 2000 views or more 50% off purchase to promote our highend full lace wigs and highend virgin extensions,? human hair eyebrows. For youtubers with views of 500 to 750 will receive 30% off for promoting our units. Please contact us on our website for more details.

    We also donate 1 free full lace wig, for every 4 full lace wig purchase to organizations that contact us for women and men with hairloss.

  5. KudukUngol

    It’s a pretty wig, but? I don’t really like this color on you. It doesn’t go with the undertones in your skin. Just my bias, I think you look positively striking in black hair, wig or natural.

  6. MsGCwarrior

    Hi Taren! I was wondering if you can? tell us the meaning behind that board behind you on your wall. I’ve seen it in a few of your videos and it seems interesting! Is it a inspiration board?

  7. AmericaisBeautiful1

    This looks surprisingly very natural on you. Not sure how it looks to you in person but it looks great. Excellent work? Taren.

  8. LoveEternal4all

    Wow you got that Mariah Carey thing going on! With your skin tone and the ultra cool blond look! You look? awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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