I made this video because I get sick and tired of people acting as though Beyonce is the only celebrity that wears weaves and wigs. It’s no secret that celebrities wear weaves, wigs, and extensions in order to change and enhance their look at will…not because they don’t have hair. Beyonce has never tried to deceive anyone, but gets the most flack about it. It’s ridiculous. Get over it.
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  1. OneOfAKindDelarosaa

    Well Selena Gomez wears clip in extensions so yeah just saying .. Dont believe me she even? said it during a live chat

  2. Laurennxoox

    yes it is just? hair, therefore you didn’t even need to make a video:L? and do you look up dates and times on pictures i take it?, considering your soo sure selena’s hair styles are a week apart, hahaha

  3. benaiah85

    There is such a thing as weaves, weaves, and extensions. You don’t know that the people in the video are NOT wearing any of the three. I know that Rihanna is not gonna have a short partially shaven hair cut one year and then the following year grow a head full of hair all the way down her back. Selena gomez isn’t gonna have a hair that doesn’t touch her shoulders one week, and then the next week grow long locs all the way down her back. AND THE POINT IS who? cares. Geez. It’s just hair.

  4. Laurennxoox

    there is such a thing? as hair dye, hair curlers, hair straightners.. most of the celeb pictures you showed dont even have wigs, weaves or extensions in!! their hair has just been styled like that.. you cant just google some pictures and think “well that kinda looks fake” and use it in ur video..

  5. benaiah85

    Thanks…you get the point of the video. As I keep saying, I’m not dissing any of the ladies in the video for wearing? wigs, weaves, or extensions…Changing your hair is like changing your clothes…and people use different methods to achieve different looks…and it’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. I just get really annoyed that Beyonce if often singled out for doing it. That is all I’ve been trying to say. Thanks for getting it.

  6. NyahStar1

    Beyonce definitely does wear hair extensions, wigs and her real? hair only. But so does Gwen Stefaini, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, etc..most celebrity women do all 3 things. I was reading online, and they said the night that Marilyn Monroe sung to JFK she was wearing a wig. Somebody mentioned in another post there is a famous picture of Sophia Loren sitting in a roomful of her wigs at her house. Rocking fake hair is something that a lot of women have always done.

  7. benaiah85

    @SuperMspuding ….either u didn’t watch the whole video, can’t read, or have poor comprehension skills…at any rate? YOU obviously cared enough to comment. The point of the video is to say that it DOESN’T matter that any of these ladies wear wigs or weaves. God bless you.

  8. SuperMspuding

    why would you make theese video’s?
    i think thats just a sad case to.
    like if you spend your? time making video’s of ppl who MIGHT wear wigs NOW AND THEN.
    kk who cares? honnestly.


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