Blue Lace wig from Eva Wigs

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15 thoughts on “Blue Lace wig from Eva Wigs

  1. Ambre Renee

    Im just happy that everyone can be nice with their opinions!! This is what
    Im talking about. YES?

  2. lananaXxX

    it makes me mad how people see that from the thumbnail and title that the
    wig is blue and still click it just to dislike it. I personally like how
    you tweaked it :) thumbs up :) ?

  3. Ona Le'Shea

    If somehow you could dye the top black and fade the blue out it would be
    perfect. But I stilk love the shades of blue:)?

  4. Fashion4ward Jo

    i loved the red one but i agree that this is a bit like a crayon. im sure
    it would look better as an ombre or with dark roots but all blue looks a
    bit costumey. your gorgeous though. thanks for still showing you with it on
    despite you not liking it.:)?

  5. Khyla Lee Whyte

    it is beautiful and suits your complexion well…not too sure on a darker
    skinned woman like myself. i too think you should darken the root for a
    smoother transition and more realistic finish. it’ll just look like you
    dyed your own hair blue to switch things up…instead of it looking like a
    “blue wig”…nevertheless it’s really pretty on you. u look nice. ?

  6. Brittney Smith

    I think it looks absolutely gorgeous on u. U can rock almost anything from
    wat I see! But since u r an outgoing person wat u can do is save it for
    maybe Halloween and do something crazy for a custom. Or if the hair is
    really 100% human dye it another color dnt let it go to waste u. Your a
    very creative person im sure you’ll think of something lovely!!!!!!! Love
    Ya! ;)?

  7. T Washington

    I think it could be pretty but it looks like you aren’t really feeling it
    so you didn’t take the time to really style it to perfection. It’s looks
    like it’s out of your comfort zone and that’s understandable. ?

  8. sassydiva_naynay

    you would look good with the blue if 10 inches was black, then it gradually
    goes into an ombre of dark blue and then into light blue. I think you don’t
    like it because its entirel;y blue, an ombre effect is the key.?

  9. trinnnnnn

    Love the color ..but I think you should make it a bit more natural by
    dyeing the top & just a bit past ,black?

  10. Diamond M

    No disrespect but baby that does not look right on you. I like red on you
    better than the blue. Or I simply just like the natural color hair . You
    are very gorgeous but the blue is not for you . Just my personal opinion ?

  11. MsAirbears

    Dont wear that outside. If I saw you in public wearing that I would double
    take and be like why did she throw on a blue wig, for what? I like the
    turquoise though that parts really pretty.?


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