Blue | Season 2, Ep. 12 of 26 | Feat. Julia Stiles | WIGS

Watch Episode 13 now: “Blue”: Season 2, Ep. 12 — “Old Habits Die Hard”: Blue asks Olsen to stop contacting her. Subscribe to WIGS on …

14 thoughts on “Blue | Season 2, Ep. 12 of 26 | Feat. Julia Stiles | WIGS

  1. WIGS

    “Blue”? Season 3 is going into production in September 2013. Follow WIGS on Facebook & Twitter (@WIGS & @BlueonWIGS) for updates from set and to be in-the-know when new episodes premiere. #hookedonblue

  2. misssupreme

    His speech unfortunately is classic pedophile type madness. So disturbing but since I feel nauseous I guess that means this scene? was perfectly done.

  3. LocalSpotKim

    This show is? really good, and the acting and characters are amazing, but I have a huge problem with this episode. I feel like, in a way, older pervy guys are going to use this rationale when they take advantage of young girls., “Oh, it’s nothing you didn’t want.”; “We were in love.”; “You weren’t a virgin.” NO. NO. NO. No matter how you slice it, it is ALWAYS wrong to take advantage of a child in this way. It is NEVER okay.


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