Blue | Season 2, Ep. 3, Part 1 | Feat. Julia Stiles | WIGS

Watch Ep 3, Part 2 now: “Blue”: Season 2, Ep. 3, Part 1 — “Make Yourself at Home”: When Francesca shows up early for a tutoring sessi…
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20 thoughts on “Blue | Season 2, Ep. 3, Part 1 | Feat. Julia Stiles | WIGS

  1. Kaylynn Davis

    I don’t think Josh realizes how he comes off. His mom seems to have always
    been more of a friend to him, so he must be so used to talking to her like
    a friend that he doesn’t understand how it must make her feel.?

  2. MissyFoxx

    Josh would’ve gotten bitch slapped in front of that girl! “Who the fuck are
    you talking to?” **slap!**?

  3. Shaune Lewis

    I like this show, but Josh talks to his mom any old way and he us 13. I’m
    17 and I would not talk to my mother like that. I know there would be a
    funeral the next day.?

  4. SweptAway5

    You’re right! Or say “Scram”… to anyone, for that matter of fact. To
    anyone who’se human! A pet is ok.. haha :)

  5. legslikewhoa

    wow josh is so rude. he didn’t even greet his mom when he walked in then he
    started barking orders. oh no.

  6. Alexandrea J.

    I REALLY don’t understand why she allows her son to treat her like she is
    not worth anything. She is his mother and deserves a ton of respect just
    for that. It’s not good for her to allow him to not only disrespect her as
    his mother but also as the strongest female influence he has. When I was a
    teen, I was definitely disrespectful as many teens may be BUT my mother
    also NEVER stopped correcting me on it and I am glad she did. It’s really
    unappealing and sometimes it makes it hard to watch. :(

  7. anirbalretrac

    Josh isn’t disrespectful if he was she would’ve taken care of it he has a
    weird sense of humor his mom knows that

  8. Beyond Beauty

    wow. its sad because kids are actually like this & worser.. Scram.. stay
    out of my room? …I bet she cleans his room. smh

  9. TwoSpirit Divinity

    lol I was kinda distracted and obsessing over how those corners needed to
    be lined up and refolded too :)


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