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Subscribe to WIGS on YouTube today! About “Blue”: Starring Julia Stiles, Uriah Shelton, David Harbour, and Jeanne Tripplehorn. Blue (Julia Stiles) is a mother with a secret life. She’ll do anything to keep it from her son (Uriah Shelton). But her past has other plans. Premieres June 11th. Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Explore the world behind WIGS on Pinterest: WIGS is a digital channel producing high-end, original, scripted dramatic series and short films about the lives of women.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

15 thoughts on “Blue Trailer | Featuring Julia Stiles | WIGS

  1. TVismyopiate

    Honesty. Don’t blink or you’ll miss? it, not much about these days, too much political correctness. Look ahead further, people, not just at what your own egos dictate you to be concerned with (or the TV does, marketing does, fashion magazines dictate, etc etc, sheep abound).

  2. TVismyopiate

    True, and I was born into? this world, not the other way round, you know? Too many idiots pretending everything’s OK (pretending is a form of delusion, aka mental illness, craziness). The fact is, men want to fuck women, women want to fuck men, and too much gets in the way of happiness, and we’re lied to about what that is! The above comment is wishing Julia some pleasure, in a jokey way. People focus on my breaking of social behavioural norms more than the actual point of my message. Pitiful.

  3. garethkielty

    i kind of get? what you mean…could of put it a bit more delicately but yeah, she doesnt need to lighten up and maybe a climax will do it

  4. chinagirlmd

    Ohmygosh. This was amazing, but sick. I can’t believe there are actual people who do that. It was a well? mapped out web series and the directors deserve some props.

  5. 15october91

    Don’t watch it, the ending is shit, watch jan instead. Although it is good? if you don’t include the ending.


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