Bomb Synthetic Wigs: Show and Tell

My Instagram: THIS VIDEO STOPS AT 7:34 Bomb Synthetic Wigs: Show and Tell Jumpsuit here:…

25 thoughts on “Bomb Synthetic Wigs: Show and Tell

  1. Cassandra Poole

    Ive So missed ur vids good luck in all u do
    also tfs im so glad that you dnt discriminate on synthetic for us budget
    friendly ppl that dont receive free expensive hair being that your a guru
    thats why i love you:))
    keep em coming babe?

  2. Laina Jae

    I would love to see you make #1 as a custom.. I would definitely have to
    buy one because that wig is gorgeous.. So is #3?

  3. nikki dee

    I just got mine(atalya) and it looks a little thin in the back, like If I
    do loose braid I can see the tracks is this normal or should I send it back
    I did get
    it from elevatestyles oh the sides are thick. and mine shed like a BIG DOG
    and I can’t run my fingers threw it. oh can you show the inside of the wig??

  4. MsM3fly

    Thanks so much!!!! I got the 2nd wig & I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT… plus I found
    some other great stuff on the website?

  5. uLove2cMesmile

    I had the last wig.. it was my play hair during the day when I was a
    nanny… it held well and def was cute.. love it on you. Lol fwd to.a
    tutorial like it.?

  6. TLC1119

    Heyyyyyyyy. Perfect vid I wasnt sure about Yulia I gotta get her. Love
    Atalya but you didnt say the first one name and color .
    If you did sorry I just was so into the hair.
    Also your jumper is awesome wish I was skinny but give me a year with Shaun
    T I be good lmao lol . Hope school coming along good and keep focused
    Youtube aint going no where. We still here. Heart grows fonder when your
    away…Right?. Im in nursing school no joke school wife kids isnt for faint
    of heart.God bless Sweetie and good luck to you.?


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