Celebrities Undetectable Wigs

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19 thoughts on “Celebrities Undetectable Wigs

  1. Son Goka

    beyonce and tyra banks shouldn’t count almost every woman i know wear wigs
    and got hair also Michael got his burned off he needs a wig.?

  2. Godschildyes Brown

    Actually, you can find many pictures of Jaime with both types if hairlines.
    Also, there is a new movie that he is in where he has this close “square
    hairline”. He co-stars with Leonardo DeCaprio. It’s very strange to me.

  3. DiamondZz2026

    WTF??? I have never paid attention to Latoya Jackson before she got all
    chopped up but DAMN she really screwed her face up!!! She looked waaaaaay
    better before!!!

  4. Meiege

    @ShoreDelano She has worn wigs. All celebrities have, that particular
    picture MAY not be a wig but she definitely has. As an actress especially,
    it’s a lot easier to put a wig on her than to tell her she has to grow 3
    more inches of hair in 2 months and dye it all black.

  5. squeaky00

    @Kiwiiex not beautiful white girl hair just beautiful hair..but i will give
    you a hug any ways hugssssssss

  6. kuhleskind

    @Kiwiiex oh my gosh…did u REALLY just try to make this into a race issue?
    really??? cuz I cud be totally blind, but I’m pretty sure there were a few
    white people with wigs in this video… n I’m also pretty sure this video
    is meant to be satire… not a conspiracy for bigotry…now who’s ignorant?
    get over urself.

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