Chanda’s Curly Quick Weave Wig

a description of how I do my quick weave wig…Enjoy!
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25 thoughts on “Chanda’s Curly Quick Weave Wig

  1. cottoncandy234

    Thank you soo much for this video i been trying to figure out how to close a curly without leaving hair out thanks for showing me how

  2. ladyjsmalls

    You are the best! I recently decided that I needed to change my hair style( Im usually a plain jane). I will be trying one of your styles this wkend!

  3. jawnjarae

    I loved the hair and think your AMAZING!!! I live in Dayton, Ohio and want to know how to purchase the hair offline. THX

  4. epowell2006

    I have a question what r the lengths of the hair u have choosen, I know one is longer than the other but wat r the inches

  5. PromiseBreezy5

    This=HELL NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoOOOOOOOOOOOOO… AWFUL,music AWFUL,face HIDEOUS AF LOOK LIKE A DAMN APE WITH THAT MONKEY ASS FACE..seriously dnt make anymore videos cause their SHITTY just like ya hair and ya fuckinn faceeee!EVRYTHNG WAS JUST EWWWWWW!!!!

  6. mizlisalisa

    Hi, I’m nu to ur channel and new to the whole weaving process, but this look on you have encouraged me to go for it!!!!!!!! Thx for sharing ;0)

  7. godsflame2

    So talented its crazy?? I wish I could make my own wigs and i can never find the kind of kinky curly wig that I want, but see weave hair in that type all day long.

  8. Lanika233

    @Ms.Chanda….. Hey Chanda I do hair really good too and I just love everything that you do. Keep up the good work !!!!

  9. Sweetheartbabez

    @Newmebaby23 hey the water deep is 14 inchess and the jazz deep looks like its 6 or 8 inches.. i knw because I hav used both hair products before..Hope I helped!

  10. 33pecantan

    omg i so njoyd watchin this u r really r helping me to improve my styling skills n guess wut???…now i kno how to do wigs thanks ur a great help

  11. seablueish

    I love this style!! U make it seem so easy. I have got to try the plastic cap trick…never have seen that done before.


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