Chemotherapy Hair Loss & Wigs

Chemotherapy Hair Loss & Wigs

Beautiful Yvette is learning the basics of wig wearing for cancer patients. If you or someone you know is going thru this challenging time of medical hair lo…

9 thoughts on “Chemotherapy Hair Loss & Wigs

  1. Elisa Distefano

    rockelle you are professional and very sweet! Thank you for this’s easy give a smile .. i love wigs ** and even this color

  2. GodivasSecretWigs

    So glad you like my glasses. What a pain to find cute frames that don’t
    cost a fortune. Actually, these were from Penny’s Optical, but I’m always
    checking everywhere for something cute and a little different. How about
    you? Any recommendations for eyeglass frames? Now I’m going between RX
    sunglasses and day glasses too. Hair 2 Help! Rochelle GodivasSecretWigs for
    more wig choices…

  3. LaurMitMom

    I’m an oncology nurse and am happy to tell you that you look fantastic! The
    hair styles and colors suit you perfectly. Good luck with your treatment.

  4. GodivasSecretWigs

    Thanks from Yvette for your wonderful comments! She is doing well and sends
    her best regards of happy health to everyone! Rochelle


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