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19 thoughts on “Christine | Ep. 2 of 12 | Feat. America Ferrera | WIGS

  1. PhilosoPheebs


    Just read some of the other comments.
    PEOPLE, she’s not being overly picky; she’s looking for something Long Term, a Prince Charming, a Knight in Shining Armor.

    She’s not being? “Picky” or a “Bitch”, she’s just (like most of us when we’re young), being unrealistic…

  2. PhilosoPheebs

    lol Don’t ask why, but the? ending just left me saying; “Oooooooo CHILD!”

    Loving this, I’m hooked!

  3. CosmeticsConnection

    My friend got dumped because he was diabetic because his gf wanted? kids and didnt want her kids to have diabetes.

  4. AmazedbyHisgrace1

    ok now what was wrong? with him? I loved him! I love rock climbing! I’ll take one of him in an age 45 to 55 pls! :-)

  5. TheBhumiChannel

    Doh! Sorry, I thought you were making a judgment about Daniel potentially dating Christine because she was the same age as his sister, saying that was disturbing…. thanks for? the clarification.

  6. keatonjade

    Her face quite literally fell when he mentioned his diabetes. What, are diabetes repulsive? Her reaction was unwarranted. She wasn’t concerned; she was disappointed. He lost? a point in her book for that

  7. Troyju2006

    My brother is 21 and I am 25, its an older sister thing not a younger? sister thing. I think its weird to date a guy who is 4 years younger then me.

  8. islezeus

    I guess thats the point of her being in this dating game as a desperate loner. She wants somebody who is perfect and she will ALWAYS find fault in somebody that keeps her from meeting the right person. I’m guessing thats how it is cause this is my first time watching this episode. So, we will see how? the rest of the series turns out


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