Christine | Ep. 3 of 12 | Feat. America Ferrera | WIGS

Christine | Ep. 3 of 12 | Feat. America Ferrera | WIGS

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17 thoughts on “Christine | Ep. 3 of 12 | Feat. America Ferrera | WIGS

  1. MissJessyeNorman

    This young buck deserved all he got!
    Too bad she wasn’t able to point out his frantic attempt to mask innumerable, major insecurities.
    The human need to belong is deep, and being outside the mainstream is difficult, especially when that’s layered with prejudice.
    Being Black is difficult, as is being from an illegal immigrant family, without a larger surrounding community, as are the usual? hazards of coming of age.
    Highlighting his insecurities around these? issues, might’ve chastened him!

  2. UTfan2005

    This guy makes me glad not to be in my 20’s anymore. He lost her when he said he was “24”. He was so cocky, that life had not knocked the shine off that attitude yet. With that being? said, I think “Al” just about had her read and she did not like it. It looked like it made “Christine” a little sad. The only way to combat someone like him is to put that seed of doubt in his mind that maybe he got this one wrong.

  3. apeygirl

    He lost me the minute he said “had” referring to women.? Young guy thinks going after older women is more likely to get him laid. Bleh!

  4. AdioS2007

    I couldn’t believe that guy was for real, with every word he dug himself deeper and deeper and yet had no clue… Christine’s final comment was damning for its clarity; I pity people? like Al in reality.

  5. Azuri Campbell

    homegirl when somebody? approaches you like that i believe that she has a right to behave like that look at her reaction to the other men

  6. PhilosoPheebs

    Oh GAWD, his character wasn’t portraying a “Typical Black Male”, it was? portraying a YOUNG one.

    I’ve HAD these kind of conversations with young dudes (of all colors) and it’s a typical, “I’m young, attractive, smart (ass), who’s for all purposes INVINCIBLE!” LOL

    Call me in 10 years, but by then I’ll have changed my number…

  7. cabz4lyf

    Wow! I cannot believe the black man was represented in this way! Like really… not all black ppl are violent, abusive, condescending liars and all white ppl are not nice and innocent…? This episode upsets me…


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