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16 thoughts on “Christine | Ep. 4 of 12 | Feat. America Ferrera | WIGS

  1. KhaelaCH

    I totally saw that question coming a mile away. I don’t know how everyone else didn’t. Within the first minute of him sitting down, he’s disclosing info about? his gay father, asking questions about her baseball-playing brother, and commenting on his good looks. Not once in that initial meeting did he ask anything about her. We can’t even attribute it to being nervous because he said he’d done this THREE times.

  2. PhilosoPheebs

    I knew since “Hello” and it was confirmed when he said his dad was the reason why he was there.

    She was just trying to cut through the Bull Squit!

    Unless you think figuring? this out about him 5 years into the Marriage with a Kid, is better Manners!

  3. Ultipandazimo

    I don’t think he’s gay but even so she? was being patronizing and stereotyping him. Just like the last guy was too her, not cool girl!

  4. livelovelark

    Like? if you’ve been a fan since Jan. Oh my gosh I miss that show so badly! Wigs please make more of Jan I love her so much!

  5. abbyzorz

    Even if I was gay and someone flat out asked me that, I’d be slightly offended. Then again I? wouldn’t be speed dating like he was.


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