Cici vs Cora: Short Fall Ready Wigs By Model Model

??????*PLEASE READ THE DETAILS BELOW*?????? More pictures on my blog: Hi Ladies. I am here to review a couple of amazing new wigs. It’s…
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9 thoughts on “Cici vs Cora: Short Fall Ready Wigs By Model Model

  1. Scot Fontaine

    Love them both on you. Just bought Cora for one of my models for a
    project I have, but saw the Cici on someone that same night and was
    regretting my decision. But when I got her in the mail today, I loved it
    right away. Thanks for the fly away heads up. I will be using holding spray
    on it for sure. ?

  2. Red Jackson

    Love the red color on best on you. Really good color combination.. First
    one is cool too but you should just wear it wild and not tame it down so
    much. Use a super light hair spray will help to control it better.?


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