Come Go WIG Shopping With Me!!!

DON’T YOU WANNA COME SHOPPING FOR HALF WIGS WITH ME?! LEGGO! Model Model’s Fuzzy Navel (CW017) Color 1 Cocktail Wig With drawstring for dual function .99 @ local bss Miracle Weave 3/4 Wig 100% Ka
Video Rating: 5 / 5

5 thoughts on “Come Go WIG Shopping With Me!!!

  1. mizaquariuswoods

    @ThisThriftyChick You have to try all styles so you know what works for you! I would definitely try again if I were you and half wigs work wonders? for me. Thanx hun for commenting and yes thats my jam…I had to rock out! lol

  2. ThisThriftyChick

    Yeah I like both on you too!! For some strange reason I have never been able to wear wigs. They never look right on me. You make me want to try again though. You were jammin to my song by Maroon 5…LOL!?

  3. mizaquariuswoods

    @chocolatechild72 Thanx so much and? I had fun with this 1! I love them both but Thursday is very DIVA and gives me LIFE!!!!! I bought thursday off the manequin I wanted it so bad but it was in very good condition. Thanx for commenting!


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