Cosplay 101: Buying and Styling Wigs

AKA 18 MINUTES OF WIGGY GOODNESS! My Facebook followers are to blame for how long this video is. Not only did they ask a bunch of amazing questions but they also requested that I make one long video as opposed to splitting it up into multiple parts – so enjoy! *Online Wig Stores* http:/ http http *Pin Curls* *Cutting a Wig* *Spiking a Wig* (This is Malindachan’s tutorial for making a Cloud wig, but it has some amazing tips on how to spike wigs as well!) *Curling a Wig* Hot Water Method: Curlers + Heat Method: *Dyeing a Wig* Sharpie Method: Copic Method: FW Ink Method: **COSPLAY 101** Each week I’ll be covering a different cosplay topic. These videos will range from how-tos, tutorials, and discussions. 😀 If you have a topic that you want to know more about or would like to see included in this series, leave a comment or send me a message! Internet Stalking Utilities: http
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17 thoughts on “Cosplay 101: Buying and Styling Wigs

  1. TheAmazingSailing

    Hi so I’m doing a cosplay of? Utau Hoshina from shugo chara and the wig has very long pigtails that go down to my knees and at the top of the wig there is a lot of layering. Do you have any tips on that type of wig and how i should take care of it?

  2. m1993ize

    I a going to do cosplay, and I want to do more, but i don’t if that is smart, can you please give me a tip? ->? thnx already

  3. olivepeach727

    Can you make a video on body suits? And what to wear underneath them? Or any good places to buy well-made bodysuits for superheroes and such? Thanks!!! :) Love your videos they have helped me a? lot!!

  4. JennTheAwesome

    Use a copper wire, wrap it into your wig weft where you need it and braid around that wire or just paint the wire carefully! I was a hetalia cosplayer for 3 years, and trust me, finding a wig back when the series just started and fining a method that works was a pain in the ass. also FREEZE SPRAY THE? BRAID IF YOU BRAID IT. FREEZE SPRAY THE HELL OUT OF IT.

  5. Milkshakethecat

    Just bought three Arda wigs! I’m so happy to hear I made the right choice! I paid two days ago and it’s? already processed, and on express ship for hardly any extra shipping cost!

  6. Reneehereee

    Have you? or anyone else tried manycosplay? I found a nice looking wig from there, but I am nervous to buy it.

  7. Reii90forever

    I wanna use this stuff called “hair? wax” I saw it in a shop for normal hair but can you put it on wigs?

  8. Susan Frank

    Thank you for this excellent intoduction to wig care and training!

    While watching,? I became aware of how? especially beautiful you looked in the? color of the first wig you had on in this video. It looked like a soft brown pink on my monitor. Please, I would be interested in how you go about seeing which costumes and colors will enhance you and hearing how you choose your characters. Thank you!

  9. ZoeSelby

    I never tried the glue, but I have the freeze spray. It does? work on real hair and really well, don’t use to much though. You would look nuts! ( I used it for my messy hairstyles and curling my hair) Which helps with the curls because my hair cannot curl to save my life.

  10. lolaf1er

    Is their an easier way to dye a wig, as the wig I am eventually planning on dying will only? have the ends dyed so I don’t want to risk having portions that are higher up getting sprayed.


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