Cosplay Wigs

Opening my new wig C: read for links
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12 thoughts on “Cosplay Wigs

  1. Caseyy Ann

    You could be a little nicer to the people who are taking their time to watch your videos. People have questions, get over it. Try to answer them if you know? the answer, if not, kindly direct them somewhere where they can get the answer they need.

  2. mixwigs

    we are? cosplay wigs online store, we sell good quality cosplay wigs with low price, worldwide shipping. you can visit mixwigs

  3. CarefreeChelly

    I have looked through the site, it’s just confusing because some wigs have descriptions that says it and some don’t. I was just confused is all. Sorry.?

  4. killhannahdiamond

    Seriously, everything you need to know about the wigs youre going to buy is on the WEBSITE. I do not make wigs, i do not own the website? so please stop asking me all these questions.

  5. CarefreeChelly

    I want a wig for everyday wear because I lost half of my hair out of nowhere I can’t color it, I can’t grow it out on my own because doctors have told me there’s nothing wrong with me so bleh. What brand of? wigs or sites do you recommend?

  6. killhannahdiamond

    If you ordered from gothic lolita, then youve got a perfect everyday wig coming! Just make sure to store it nicely, and brush it out after every use, starting from the bottom and work your way up!? 😀

  7. XXNiCoLe2012XX

    I’m ordering one and I’m so excited. My hair is danmadged and it is hard to bleach it because its dark so I want to get one to wear for everyday? use.


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