Cosplay Wigs, Puppy Clothes, TRex Shirt + More! DXMall Review + Haul

G’day Everyone! Here’s a review of some items I received from I seriously do not recommend the hairchalk or the wigs, but the tshirt and cheap makeup is an awesome find. Open for…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

19 thoughts on “Cosplay Wigs, Puppy Clothes, TRex Shirt + More! DXMall Review + Haul

  1. MichuNako9

    Those “hair chalks” look a lot more like pastels to me than anything else
    haha maybe that’s why it doens’t work as good as real hair chalk??

  2. KeyToSaraBe

    The chalks look like my pastels that I use for artwork that is sad that it
    was such a rip off!

  3. Kelsie Wall

    Can you do a tutorial on your favourite cheap wigs and expensive wigs. Just
    your favourite wig website in general. Thank you :)?

  4. Sage Govender

    I watched a couple tutorials on how to use hair chalk. Apparently with the
    hair chalk that you have, you’re supposed to WET your hair and constantly
    rub it down.?

  5. En N

    You’re a lovely blonde, brunette, or probably any other color, but I really
    like that dark hair on you. :)?

  6. sarahrina123

    Blonde or brunette, you look pretty either way. Don’t let other peoples
    opinions bring you down. Just do what you like to do, not what others tell
    you. c: ?


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