Countess Vaughn WARNS black woman about wearing lace front wigs she says they runined her hairline

Growing up, we watched Countess Vaughn become an icon on black sitcoms. She initially got her start in the entertainment industry by performing on Star Searc…
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20 thoughts on “Countess Vaughn WARNS black woman about wearing lace front wigs she says they runined her hairline

  1. Judah

    Black women, if you dont love yourself first and be comfortable with who
    you have been made to be by God, then nobody will accept you. All this
    mishaps is due to your hatred for yourselves.?

  2. Ikea Washington

    I see what she is saying. I recently started wearing a lace front (not with
    glue or tape) but the hair around my hairline looks like it’s been cut
    down and I see a lot of split ends…?

  3. Charmaine Smith

    i stop wearing them because they was taking my hair around the nape…they
    are cute and wearable but you hair will come out around the hairline?

  4. Tianna Ess

    You actually get emails from people actually telling YOU what to do with
    YOUR hair? That’s mind blowing.?

  5. Edwin Vazquez

    maybe she should use her wigs without glue in everyday but leave her glue
    for special ocations only.?

  6. ScualaBearsEdits

    Why’re you wearing a lace front 24/7? I have several wigs and I don’t use
    them everyday. I usually go a couple weeks without wearing one. You gotta
    let your hair breathe. I also never use glue nor tape. This is terrible. ?

  7. RedNoir

    I wear wigs but, I put oil along my hairline. I never put glue or tape
    never! And I never will. Look, the skin is the largest organ of the body!!!
    Anything that touches your skin can and will be absorbed into your
    bloodstream/body! Those glues have all kind of ingredients especially the
    glues from China. Also, as soon as I come home, I take my wig off! And put
    on a headscarf. Poor Countess… but she’s brave for coming forward because
    if she’s a celebrity just know that normal people are walking around with
    diseased scalp and not doing anything about it.?

  8. Ashley Williams

    She is not alone.. I’m sure many people have seen Naomi Campbell’s edges
    too. It’s sad. Black women have been conditioned to hate their natural hair
    because it’s not straight like everybody else’s. Wearing a wig every now
    and then is not bad, but when you try to wear one as if it’s your own hair,
    that’s when the problems start. That goes for micros, box braids,
    ponytails, etc… Too much of anything is not good for you. I have a couple
    of lace fronts that I might wear for special occasions only. Other than
    that, I’m all natural with maybe some eyeliner, mascara, and lip gloss. My
    man has no problems with it at all. I just look at some of these YouTube
    wig videos and it’s sad that a lot of these women have no edges at such a
    young age.?

  9. The1Returner

    Natural , kinky hair looks better on black women anyway. Some weaves, and
    lace wings look ugly anyway. Especially those straight, jet black weaves or
    Shirley temple curl mess some wear. I see many with nice natural hair
    styles. Or even if you add chemicals, or use oils or whatever….just keep
    it as natural as possible.?

  10. EXmugen

    I think your hair is beautiful just as it is. And I agree! It is ok to
    switch things up a bit from time to time, but unfortunately, lots of our
    women feel the need to have the perm look 24/7 as if to say their own
    texture isn’t good enough. I personally think we have the most beautiful,
    and most versatile hair on this planet. It’s too bad most of us have been
    convinced otherwise. Great video! ?


    If I want to wear a wig I always oil my hairline and NEVER use Glue or Tape
    the wigs are pretty secure by themselves. I’m sorry Countess Vaughn went
    through this :(?

  12. Neghie Thervil

    It’s about moderation. I have to say in general, Countess doesn’t look like
    she’s taking very good care of herself period. You can’t neglect your
    health for the sake of beauty and beauty that affects your health is just
    as bad. Glad she’s shining some light on it. I’m not a natural nazi, but
    this is one of those situations where I think she should explore the beauty
    of her God given coils. ?

  13. Succulent Honeybee

    “I got enough shit on my plate I don’t want to worry about wigs and glue, I
    don’t want a bunch of mess!” AMEN Sister-Friend! Simple IS best, and do
    what MAKES SENSE when it comes to taking care of yourself.. NO JUDGEMENT
    to anyone who likes wigs, weaves, makeup etc.. But beauty is not worth
    compromising your health physically or emotionally.. Being healthy is
    beautiful. <3?


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