Curl & Straighten Synthetic Hair? Turn Old Wigs Into New Ones

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25 thoughts on “Curl & Straighten Synthetic Hair? Turn Old Wigs Into New Ones

  1. lalakittyluv

    You can also buy spiral rollers and roll the hair and then steam it with
    the rollers on it will come out looking great ?

  2. Neosha Mitchell

    If the synthetic lace front says “high temperature wire” does that mean you
    can use a straightener on it?.. Need an answer ASAP!!! THANKS!?

  3. Kristin D

    Oh my god! Thank you so much for posting this! This will help me with
    styling my synthetic cosplay wigs. :3?

  4. Tiffany Mantia

    So I was wondering if the curler you attached to the brush was plastic or
    metal? Does it matter? Do you prefer one over the other???

  5. weathergoddess

    Hands down the best synthetic wig advice ever. The other videos I’ve seen
    always deal with dipping the wig in boiling water and all that mess. This
    is so much more simpler and effective. Thanks Arabia!

  6. Roxanne RocknRoll

    This was really helpful because all my wigs are synthetic but i dont have
    that water? machine thingy hehe 😛 :'( I’m goign to ask my mom if she has
    one 😛

  7. Isabell Tabares

    LOL “the amazing invention that I made” I LOVE IT!!!! Like its so useful
    idk why this isn’t a real tool


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