Cutting the lace off that Lace Front wig

Here is a tutorial on how to cut the lace on a lace front wig
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15 thoughts on “Cutting the lace off that Lace Front wig

  1. LadyAmirah

    You are the best! I went searching for beauticians to show me how to cut my first one i bought today, and i remembered to look you up to get instructions. Your awesome! Thanks Diva! :)

  2. notmyfault24

    hi, i just bought my 1st lacefront wig and was wondering if it’s possible to cut all of the lace off and still wear it with no tape or
    glue. would it still look as natural as possible? HELP

  3. 35Redcar

    I love you so much. i purchase my first front lace wig , because of you. Love ya. Please keep up the great work. Thank you

  4. uprayup

    Excellent video! Should I have the wig on to cut my front.? I have the Eddie peak (if you know what I mean) and my hair grows close to my eye brows. Thanks

  5. MzShoeFreak

    Thanks I’m just getting into hair and I’m going to buy my first last front didnt know it was that easy to cut ,I thought you had to cut it based on your hair line.. let me stick to make up… And what unit did u have on its beautiful. Thanks again.


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