Dakota (+ Christine Trailer) | Ep. 3 of 3 | Feat. Jena Malone | WIGS

Subscribe to WIGS on YouTube today! wigs.ly “Dakota”: Episode 3 of 3 — “Almost Up 40”: Dakota plays her last hand of the night, with a little help. Like us on Facebook: wigs.ly Follow us on Twitter: bit.ly Explore the world behind WIGS on Pinterest: bit.ly About “Dakota”: Starring…

19 thoughts on “Dakota (+ Christine Trailer) | Ep. 3 of 3 | Feat. Jena Malone | WIGS

  1. livebigly

    Dakota knew full well, as did we all, that the sitter would show up with her kid. Then she fires the nanny, with no consideration for the hell and disrespect she’s put her through, right in front of her child.

    She’s essentially telling her child that poker comes first, security comes second.

    And how is showing Dakota fasten her child into a seatbelt supposed to redeem this character in any way? I? get that she loves her son, but I’d be surprised if the nanny didn’t call child services.

  2. HuluKiwi

    i wish when she was driving away that the guys realized and came out to try to yell for her…would have been more? interesting

  3. wigs

    The song is “Be What You Want” by Robin Loxley and Oliver? Jackson. Glad you? like it – it’s a great song!

  4. mitchman11693

    You’re an idiot and obviously show no understanding of characterization nor that? of human psychology or basic human function. And your lack of the understanding of acting is appalling. Don’t make asinine comments about things you obviously lack an immense amount of knowledge in.

  5. loml0428

    Be what you want / Album: Epic Pop
    Robin Loxley and Oliver Jackson

    I just found it in case ne1? else was wantin it

  6. HurriedBeauty

    I notice you said, “half the humans on this observable universe are not weak.” That means that the other half is weak, or in my opinion, don’t know how strong they can be.? These are the people that are spotlighted in these series; which makes this watchable for others. If everyone was as strong or heroic as we would like, the world would not have the “Weak idiots” you speak of. Keep that in mind.

  7. pepperwings

    I think “Wigs” is about the roles we play, the ‘hats’? we put on to disguise our fears. These do all seem like weak people, but that often makes them interesting characters. Not people you look up to, but perhaps people you root for to overcome their problems.


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