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Subscribe to WIGS on YouTube today! wigs.ly About “Dakota”: Starring Jena Malone. A poker player on a short losing streak is invited to a high stakes home game, but the stakes for her son are what matter most. Premieres July 9th. Like us on Facebook: wigs.ly Follow us on Twitter: bit.ly Explore the world behind WIGS on Pinterest: bit.ly WIGS is a digital channel producing high-end, original, scripted dramatic series and short films about the lives of women. www.youtube.com
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23 thoughts on “Dakota Trailer | Featuring Jena Malone | WIGS

  1. lovemychingoo

    I’ve been reading? a lot of the comments and there’s this new trend of issues with showing off diversity in these women actors. For my two cents, I think it would be rather interesting to show off minority actors in general. Now, I’m not talking about the regular African American minority because they’re not so much of a minority as the Asians and Middle Eastern are pushed down. It would be cool to see the cultural context and P.O.W of a more diverse world instead of the regular chingchong or arr

  2. terribithiajjls12

    Question, why does showing many types of women involve showing ones with crazy stories? Aren’t women who lead relatively normal lives also women? Aren’t women with ambitions who don’t constantly get defeated or get into fights with other women or enter into abusive relationships also women? Aren’t racial? struggles part of being a woman?

  3. Linda Sue Taghon

    Terrible addiction! Why do people THINK they have to have everything in life? MATERIALISM lus!. Got to? have more and more and more and more Burying themselves alive in THINGS!!!!!

  4. MrDannyJFair

    Are we gonna see men in lead roles? too?

    PS. This really is great: the professional look to the free YouTube content is just immense and the writing and acting are incredibly. Keep it up!

  5. Chanel Harris

    And what about black/ African american ,? asian ??????? Also middle eastern ? They need acting jobs too. And can tell a story just as good .

  6. legallybrunette58

    Omgoodnes I LOVE america Ferrera . Obviously I loved her in Ugly? Betty. Yea more diversity is needed I guess. I just watched BLUE.
    Is there more about your studio? This is a great series.

  7. soggyringlets

    Lol They have to film it first. They didn’t film it yet because they wanted viewer feedback first to figure out what to do with the next one. They’re aiming to give the viewers what they want to see in the next episode? from what I can tell.


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