Divas Wigs and Dying My Hair Soon

MUSIC CREATED FOR ME BY: ALLAN MICHEL SMITH Hey my sexy dolls! Here is a review I did on a synthetic lace wig from Divas Wigs. Hope you enjoy it! MUAH! O…

19 thoughts on “Divas Wigs and Dying My Hair Soon

  1. Charity Wright

    I know this is late but if you roller set it then stick it in hot water for
    about 10 min then take it out to dry it will curl quite a bit. I took a
    straight wig to spiral curls that way. You just cannot straighten it back
    thecsame way. Also if you get a blonde synthetic wig you can dye them any
    color using speedball and sharpie markers. And lastly if you give it a more
    close cut side swept bang it wont fall in your face as much, just bobby pin
    it back. I wear wigs all the time! I love changing my look without damaging
    my hair. Good luck! You look gorgeous either way!!?

  2. BeautybyTommie

    I think you can curl it using flexirods or hot rods instead of a curler
    those always work for me, so you have to use other methods :)?

  3. Linda Rivera

    Black would look nice on you (: except that once it starts to fade your red
    would start to show through. It happened to me ha.?

  4. Eleanor Hoogeveen

    really nice wig! Those are great for when you don’t have time to get your
    hair done! Just an idea.. ever thought about doing wet set pin curls under
    the net??

  5. Gueraaost .shannonguera

    Awww okay !!! Yah I got tierd of blond and I went black I hated it so I
    went back blond the next day ahhaha I seen u walk into my job a while back
    when I lived in anaheim u n ur hunny came into little Caesars :) ur so
    beautiful ?

  6. JasminaVonLeeds

    Hey sweety you should make your self a human hair full lace wig and then
    dye this wig in your red hair color( also the touch ups a really easy when
    you have a wig). Then you can be red wherever you want and your natural
    hair becomes healthy. i did it the same way hair i let my natural hair
    alone( my natural has becomes so great now im really happy ) but i change
    my hair color with my custom made full lace wigs.Kisses ?

  7. Coral Undzis

    You can try a hot water curling method on synthetic wigs. Foam curlers and
    hot (not boiling) water can be used. When I curl my silk wigs I use an iron
    on heats below 150 degrees F, velcro rollers (though it’s not recommended),
    or a round brush and hair dryer.?


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