Divas Wigs Review

Divas Wigs Review

COUPON CODE:: CurlyByNature21 Coupon amount:: The wig i’m wearing: http://www.divaswigs.com/1579-stock-ombre-straight-full-lace-wig-sst011.html Product C…
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21 thoughts on “Divas Wigs Review

  1. Monique White

    As much as people pay for those wigs..they culd make their own. Ive made a
    curly one nd im makin a straight one soon. ?

  2. Lana Summer

    please don’t start wearing contacts all the time! They are great
    occasionally but they seem so extreme to me, more than false lashes or hair
    or nails. You have such pretty eyes and I always loved how natural you are!

  3. ashleydbeauty

    I totally agree about full lace wigs and fullness, that’s the ONLY bad
    part! I love this unit nevertheless, it looks so natural on you!?

  4. threelittlebirds

    Your hair has gotten so long!! I’m So jelly:( What have you been doing to
    maintain it? Does wearing wigs help? My hair has grown but i feel like its
    been sitting at the same point now… maybe even shrinking MORE if that is
    even possible, haha. I don’t know if its the cold weather or what but my
    hair is a disaster. Help girl please! I know the topic of natural hair has
    been beaten to the ground by everyone but I just cant figure out what I
    PERSONALLY need to do. ?

  5. I Miss the Boondocks!

    Is your lipstick the Aveda red maple pencil and NYX Abu Dhabi matte? If so,
    can you show how you get the colors together like that? I brought those two
    products bc you said that’s how you achieve this color. Am I right? Thx in

  6. Leah Manning

    You are PURE PERFECTION in this vid like legit model status I know you’ve
    heard this alot but you are drop dead gorgeous I’m sure you turn heads
    everywhere you go?

  7. UrbanSweetiePie Vicky

    She looks great in that wig. Was I the only person thinking that she kinda
    looks like Chantelle from America’s Next Top Model in that wig??

  8. Tee Bellaa

    trying to wear a hat with natural hair is deff the struggle boo lol
    thats one reason why i love extentions
    but anyway love the wig but your hair is soo beautifulll. How do u stop
    shrinkage? my curls are super tight and mostly i have to bun it or twist
    etc to stretch it but thenn the curls aren’t as cute.?

  9. GorgeousGoldie

    Can you please make a video on your natural hair like how did it grow so
    fast because I have the same hair texture as you?

  10. Candace Bennett

    Love you and your channel so much!!I would like to see length check(Looks
    like your hair has grown.)and wash routine.?

  11. Nia Swist

    What is that hair color that you have right now? And I would like to see
    some more hair styles videos for natural hair….?


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