DIY Pixie Wig | My Hair is Layed like Rihanna

Easy DIY Pixie Wig. Great for all events all occasions all reasons! More links BELOW press {SHOW MORE} This Hair NOW | Ok.. I will have a few more videos coming up about this. I have been holding on to this since before Christmas… I also have another pixie tutorial where I DO NOT use a closure it’s more similar to Rihanna’s newest caesar like pixie. Hair Used | Milky way #4 27 pc Hair .99 Local BSS Example | Regular Glue Gun and Glue Stick used form Dollar or Craft Store Closure & Wig Help | All about DIY wigs Curly Wig | More About my Rihanna Pixie | Pink Makeup From Video |
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21 thoughts on “DIY Pixie Wig | My Hair is Layed like Rihanna

  1. ChicStyleG33k

    I love this idea, but how secure is it?? I’m a really active student(dance team, gym time) so I wouldn’t want it to fall off.

  2. shayweezyfbaby

    Destiny, you are a beeeeast when it? comes to hair! lol!I really admire your talent and I love you in a short cut! It’s looks very sexy and stylish!

  3. lisa hayden

    OMG lol I love that? Planet fitness commercial before your tutorial, you are a great instructor I love your videos


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