DIY Short Rihanna Wig Pixie Cut Tutorial

DIY Short Rihanna Wig Pixie Cut Tutorial

This WIG Got LOOOOTS of Love!! Here it The tutorial!! QUESTIONS LOOK here and IN THE video!! ( RATE ) press SHOW MORE! ===================================================== Hair Used | (HUMAN) Milky Way 27 pc hair color #4 in aprox .00 – purchased at Local Beauty Supply Store ===================================================== MORE wig Videos | ===================================================== GLUE Used | Glue and Glue gun were purchased in a DOLLAR store for EACH No SPECIAL glue or gun was purchased CAP | I used a Dome Cam purchased from the Local Beauty Supply Store Click HERE to see it | CLOSURE | ===================================================== Video on PIXIE Wig FAQ | ===================================================== FAQ| ===================================================== Did the cap shrink?| *** NO DO NOT pull TOO tight ant try the unit on a few times to alleviate this problem. Can u WASH it? | ***Yes.. NOT TOO often and with LUKE warm water and MILD shampoo How LONG does it last | ***A few months depending on use care and how often you wear it Is it HOT? | *** Like most wigs it does make your head warmer than your head would be without the unit but it does NOT make your head overly hot Can I use a different CAP? | *** Yes.. their are SEVRAL ways to complete this unit check out some of my other videos here |
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18 thoughts on “DIY Short Rihanna Wig Pixie Cut Tutorial

  1. xgaygreg

    Thank you Jesus for my pregnant bride!

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  2. gemini0911

    Love the video! i? made it last night added a little color in it and flipped it. My co-workers loved it and will probably be subscribing to your account soon. You are beautiful and thanks so much!

  3. MsHairexperience

    This is beautiful! How is your natural hair under the? cap? Its laying so flat and looks very natural! LOVE it!!!


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