Double Wig Review- Freetress Equal Short Wigs- Erin and Lacey

Both wigs are about and you should be able to find them now in stores. They are brand new. They do not have combs on the inside but they do have adjustab…

25 thoughts on “Double Wig Review- Freetress Equal Short Wigs- Erin and Lacey

  1. D'Yani Wilson

    The second one suited you waaay better it brung out the eye make up you
    were wearing and it looked amazing with your face shape Yaaaas?

  2. kawaiistuff

    The first one was by far way to wiggy for me and the second one looked
    great and could pass for your own hair love that one!?

  3. tis4tweety

    i love the 2nd one on you that 1st one ummm i’d have to see it restyled & i
    agree the red should’ve been in the front or blended in w/ the burgundy?

  4. Love Law

    I love Lacey… I watched your review 3 times before I actually ordered it!
    Thanks girl…and your make up is gorg.?

  5. Monee Lee

    love both wigs on you! you made me want to get a short fun wig for the
    summer so thank you, also loving the makeup :)?

  6. Breanna Rankin

    I love the 2nd one I had a short cut like that I’m growing my hair back out
    but miss the cut great alternative to cutting my hair ?

  7. Ora Mae

    i checked out other videos of the erin wig….and yours is the only cute
    one :( the rest don’t look like yours. Did you style yours before the


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