I cut her into a short afro. You can make this look your own by adding a flower, favorite hair clip, or scarf! I love this look, and it only took 5 minutes! : ) Sorry I had to change the music! : (

19 thoughts on “EVONY HALF WIG: STYLE 2

  1. NaturalJustLikMe

    @MOONLITEVENUS189 Lol…I just got scissor happy when I saw how big it was! You’re Welcome, thanks for watching!

  2. NaturalJustLikMe

    @malehi1 Thank you for watching…IKR it is alot of hair…lol! You’re so Welcome…glad I could help! : )

  3. malehi1

    cute….thanks for the great advice……i got her and did not know what in the world to do with all that hair….now i know……thankya!!

  4. NaturalJustLikMe

    @klassof2010naija Like a Star by Taio Cruz…I love this song! Thank you so much and thanks for watching! : )

  5. klassof2010naija

    i lik tha last song. wat is it called n who is it by? n by tha way ur so creative..love what you’ve done wit urs

  6. NaturalJustLikMe

    @mariabean617 Thanks so much! Yeah, it does look really nice long too. I have noticed everyone seems to cut it! In the summer it’s just too much hair…for me…LOL! Thanks…and I will! Appreciate the love! : )

  7. mariabean617

    Wow. That look so cute on you. Everyone seem to cut this wig. It looks really nice long too. Rock It gurl. It looks nice. Great Job!!! :)


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