Evony Wig review

Outre collection wig Evony purchased from Hairsisters for 13.99

14 thoughts on “Evony Wig review

  1. caniela23

    @imJustThaCoolest i think all the info is in the desription or in the video but i got it if i remember correctly from hair sisters.com one of my favorite wigs ever

  2. missydynasty

    i dont know why but you remind me of bre from america’s next top model. the voice and almost kinda the way u look too. by the way…i love this wig :)

  3. cry1baby

    i’m planning on buying this wig cause i saw your video. you made it look so beautiful, so i’m willing to test things out. [cause a gurl could really use some new wigs lol]


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