Finally a Natural looking wig!!!! (April Lace wigs-the silk top experts)

Hey guys! Thi sis probably the thickness, most natural looking wig I’ve ever owned. It looks, moves, and feels, like pressed natural hair. Very texturized! T…
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13 thoughts on “Finally a Natural looking wig!!!! (April Lace wigs-the silk top experts)

  1. AV Make Me

    OMG I love the look of this WiG… you definitely make me want to consider
    getting this for myself. I’m natural also & have I been considering a wig
    for protective style. As far as I can it does look so very natural. May you
    do an update after wearing about how texture feels, shedding etc. Thank
    you! ?

  2. Kimm Irving

    That was GREAT!! This little lady is so dang beautiful, she could be bald
    and still look amazing! I can’t wait to order mine…I’m old and was on the
    fence about about chemo … I know it sounds silly to let hair stop me, but
    of course there were other reasons as well… Now with this wig, I’ll have
    one less worry… On to the big fight (I think)… Thank you!!!?

  3. Tee Talley

    I must have got a bad unit from them. . Mines looked so dry brittle and
    tangled my family told me to stop wearing it. lol. I was trying to get my
    moneys worth but my momma pulled me to the side and told me look you can
    wear that when you roll with me. It was that bad. I ended up trying to
    bleach bath it and it turned out worse. It turned into a big sticky ball
    of plastic…..obviously full of synthetic fibers. This vid has me
    seriously considering trying one more time… Is this one virgin hair?
    I paid I believe about $250 for mines and was told by the vendor that the
    one I ordered wasn’t virgin hair. I still think that even if its processed
    human hair for over $200 it should hold up more than 2 months. ?

  4. Taliana Rietten

    I get so excited when I see your videos. I literally stop what I am
    watching just to see your video. I love your videos and I love your

  5. Nikole G

    Ok. I’m natural and have been for quite some time,but I flat iron my hair
    wayyyyyyy too much. I’ve never done the twist outs, etc and it’s still
    pretty healthy. Thank God. I get a lot of compliments, but I know that I
    need to keep the heat out of it. Also, it’s below my shoulders, but above
    my bra strap. I want to grow it below my bra strap. So, I’m thinking
    about getting a weave or wig. My question is. Can you sleep or exercise
    in a wig? Do you have to take it out every night? If you have to take it
    out every night, (in my Tamar Braxton voice) that’s not sexy. Help! Wig
    or Weave??


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