Flat Ironing My Synthetic Lace Front Wig…. Kalore Shakira Straight? What The?

I regularly wear Kalore Lace Front Wigs and I have done many reviews on the Shakira. which is an Afro Style that looks very natural and I usually wear her when I’m dressed down or really dressed up! I reviewed and wore the T27/613/B2 some time ago and decided to straighten her because she got frizzy at the ends. To my surprise, I was able to wear her out for a week down and pinned up; so I thought I would share the tip just in case you have one sitting around that you haven’t worn in a long time. I did not use any heat protector or product in the wig at all after straigtening. Be aware that if you flat iron the curls they WILL NOT come back when you wash her. I made sure that I tried it out before filming this video and I did wear her once after washing straight. I hope you enjoyed this tip. I can wear this look to my favorite club on a Sunday night so it works if you are looking for a quick look and it’s too late to go to the Beauty Supply! Thanks for Watching! SUBSCRIBE to My Channel! My newest video will be sent to your Subscriptions Box and It’s Free! For More Great Deals, Fashion & Beauty Tips Follow My Blog www.Dakotaandneah.blogspot.com My Bloglovin’ http My Twitter www.twitter.com My Official Facebook Page “Reinvented Soul Vision Philosophy” www.facebook.com My Hair/Kalore Info: *I rotate my top 3 Favorite Wigs in most of my videos: Brittany LFW, Shakira LFW, and Kalore Indian Remy Full lace Straight Check out ALL my hair videos for Kalore: www.kalore.ca http
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18 thoughts on “Flat Ironing My Synthetic Lace Front Wig…. Kalore Shakira Straight? What The?

  1. dakotaandneah

    Sorry @Rikku16ful I wasn’t planning the video at first, I wanted to share the result? with the footage I had. Thanks for watching! Thanks for your comment!:)

  2. AaliyahYasharahla928

    What Website Did You Purchase The Hair And If Possible Can I Find One? With Front Bangs??

  3. dakotaandneah

    i know right? I did this video for you girls that told me you purchased Shakira? because Ive been there when I need that one wear before i buy a new one lol!

  4. 334bamagirl

    Great tip, I was thinking of flat ironing my Fergie? wig…..she has seen better days….LOL!

  5. dakotaandneah

    Thanks I actually washed it so that I could? tell if the curls would come back and they don’t but the wig looks even nicer now!


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