Freeda European Hair Wigs Makeover With Jew In The City – Episode 2 We believe that a dependable and long-lasting finished wig begins with a principled crafting process. Freed…

10 thoughts on “Freeda European Hair Wigs Makeover With Jew In The City – Episode 2

  1. Anna Sherman

    Susie looked really beautiful in her new shaitel….But I think Susie would
    look beautiful in whatever she put on her head….she’s just a beautiful
    girl. I think the next ambush makeover should be done on someone whom we
    would see more drastic results. Someone who doesn’t know much about
    shaitels or make-up and could REALLY use the help.

  2. Freeda Wigs

    Hi Anna, Thanks for taking the time to comment. Susie is a gorgeous girl.
    Our winner was randomly chosen to give all contestants an equal oppertunity.

  3. Blah bo

    Definitely the 2nd wig gave her a more natural and elegant look. The 1st
    one just didn’t go for her. It’s amazing that freeda let her pick a 2nd
    one. You guys rule.

  4. Dominique D

    I thought the first look was motherly and a bit dated..Reminded me of a
    Rachel hair cut from the 90s (you know, Friends!). The second is better,
    although long. Too bad she didn’t opt for a few highlights! Just to note, I
    thought her original sheitel was great! I wish I had hair like that :)
    Maybe next time you will choose someone who is in financial need instead of
    bored with their hair?

  5. jesuisunique1

    When I saw the first wig she chose – I wasn’t too happy with her choice
    because the original wig she wore framed her face better. Her second choice
    is really really fabulous – the color too. Keep doing what you’re doing
    Freeda Wigs – you’re really showcasing your wares and the fact that you
    wanted her to be happy and allowed her to choose another one makes me want
    to buy a freeda wig even more. (btw she even looked great in a short wig)

  6. Migol Goldenberg

    She looks too sexy with this makeover. Before it she looked eidel and
    tznius, now with her new makeover she reminds me of those models you see on


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