Fuzzy Navel By Model Model: Half Wig Tutorial

I hope you all enjoy Disclaimer: All items in my video was purchased by ME and I just want to share what I love doing with my subbies…Holla!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

18 thoughts on “Fuzzy Navel By Model Model: Half Wig Tutorial

  1. ladytulip

    Thank you, MsJazzy – I? appreciate your tutorial. I’ve only worn ponytails and I’ve been wanting to try half-wigs for a while now but I had no clue how to put one on. So thanks for your tutorial :)

  2. sensable07

    LMAO…THANKS SOOOOO MUCH, i just boutght my first one today came home tried it out n wasn’t too crazy about it…but lookin at ur video i realize i did it really wrong…lol..so im gonna? try it again…

  3. MsJazzy2Classy

    no you don’t have to, sometimes I will put my hair in a ponytail and then apply stocking cap then wig, BUT I do braids because it helps my wigs stay in place? and help the stocking cap no slide. Hope this helps.

  4. StarrEbb08

    jazz does ur hair have 2 be in cornrolls in order to put the wiq on or can yuh just put a stockinq cap over ur hair?? i’m curious bc i need 2 knw.. help me? out !!

  5. sweetnessnbk

    i LOVE THIS F N WIG! Gurl once again you did? it up flyy gurl style! Loves it! Check out my blogspot:sweetnessnbk.blogspot

  6. candygirl2319

    Looks great! I just subscribed b/c I want to? learn how to rock some wigs. Don’t want to try a full wig, so this is perfect. I wish you had shown how to do the ponytail as it was seen on the package. I’m a newbie, so I need all the help I can get.

  7. Brownliciouss

    u loook gorgeouss !!
    how? long do u put the wig in?..and can u sleep with it ?
    or do u take it off ?


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