Glueless full lace wigs Chinese Virgin Gsw127 at bestlacewigs

I was sent this wig to review. HERE IS THE LINK TO THE WIG: buy Glueless full lace wigs Chinese virgin hair Gsw127 , you will get 4 gifts value : shawl , bracelet , rose flower and valentine’s day card.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

16 thoughts on “Glueless full lace wigs Chinese Virgin Gsw127 at bestlacewigs

  1. shellemeow

    i don’t mean to be racist but is the texture like black? peoples hair? because the texture of my natural hair is like soft asain hair..

  2. GoddesssAphrodite

    People BEWARE of this company.If you recieve a bad unit,like what I got,basically there is nothing you can do.You cant return? the mess,they just offer to repair an ugly unit !!!!! and after alot of back and forth emails,they just ignore U.WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE….Dont waste ur money on this company.

  3. brisentaiye0506

    I purchased this wig a month ago after watching your video and I LOVE IT! the texture is great it looks like? african american hair and it holds curls very well! It doesnt shed that much either I get maybe a hair a day

  4. alphafem75

    Lol my fave part in all your vids? is the slow down fluff and turn. Look-in lika TOP MODEL LOL. u betta work!

  5. UpTownGirl2141

    I purchased this unit also and received it a week ago. I must say that I am very disappointed in the product. The unit was thin and it? sheds consistently. I will be sending back.

  6. shawTbabydoll08

    do u by n e chance have a video on how to cut layers on these types of wigs? i? just purchased the exact same wig but i need layers

  7. fabulasityisme

    O wow i would try to return it!! but its a clueless wig you don’t have yo glue it down and thats why it wont glue down.. Yeah and the texture is coarse in the video i did say it matches my hair when its pressed which means its very coarse.. but i dont know about it turning into a afro because its still a yaki and its super bone straight and the curls will just fall. So yeah you have a totally different wig and i would take it back.. sorry hun?

  8. MsShweetness

    i bought this wig i’m so disappointed! i bought a 20 inch and? its the same length as your 16inch!! Also i think you need to mention that it DOES NOT GLUE DOWn if you do decide to glue it. I’ve tried, tape, glue etc and it wont stick for more than a day. Also the texture is EXTREELY COARSE and if you curl it- by the end of the day it’s HUUUGE AFRO! i’m so upset as it was super expensive:(

  9. foxykira2005

    I have this wig based on this video. I love the wig but the length doesn’t seem true to me. I bought 14 inches and it looks more like 12 inches. I have 2 16 inch wig and they are almost to my? waist (I’m short) this wig comes above my bra strap! It looks great on you Fabulasity, but me I need more length!

  10. shawTbabydoll08

    do u by n e chance have a video on how to cut and layer the hair???? plz send me a link cuz i really need help


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