“Goddess Wave” Wig Review ~ Platinum Wigs

CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE: platinumwigs.com ***Type “pw5028” in the SEARCH BAR*** Here’s the video I made to show my wig application for a natural hairline www.youtube.com Elastic Band Method Video: www.youtube.com This is just one but there are soooo many videos about it.. So feel free to search around. I’ll make my own video pretty soon… Disclaimer- These wigs were sent to me from Platinum Wigs however, my reviews are ALWAYS my HONEST opinions… Music by SL & Drew Loomz
Video Rating: 4 / 5

24 thoughts on ““Goddess Wave” Wig Review ~ Platinum Wigs

  1. taeboamped

    it sucks..this company doesnt sell full lace anymore..they said they’re making negotiations with their vendors? :(

  2. Michelle McGriff

    Just got it and i’m SO disappointed… it only had the 3 inches of parting now… yuckers. Looks just like the body? wave… BOOO!!!

  3. Bree Russ

    hey on the website it say lace front wig & I know you said yours is? full lace Did they run out of Full lace ones in this style or do you chose & if so how do you chose? or does it just say front lace but is really full

  4. Daphneamy360

    I DO SOmething like but secure it with pins on he inside top everything else same as excep elasticlieave hair on top? and botom

  5. jcarb88

    hey Taren, i know I’m late but i was considering buying this wig and saw your video. so question, how did you straighten it? usually when i use heat on weave (cheap or expensive) 2 weeks later the ends look horrible!! i saw you said to use? a heat protectant but will that work if i use my CHI flat iron? i’m pretty sure its the only version in the world without adjustable temp settings….so it gets hot, and then hotter, and then hotter. I don’t want to make an expensive mistake, please help!!

  6. Cinnamon Tea

    does platinum wigs sell FULL lace because this? wig is HOT but i like tieing my hair up so i want to experiment with full lace wigs.

  7. MsSutania

    hey girl can u give me the exact details of the one ur wearing,please if u dont mind:)
    i’ve never purchase one before….if its not? to much trouble the price too….thanks girl

  8. welcomeIIparis

    i cannot find? the video with you wearing this wig straight. Pls post the link or exact title. Thank you!!

  9. Dlover2k5

    Could u show us an up do with a full lace wig ? I would love to see the what the nape of the wig looks like? when its lifted up.

  10. ainavlirim

    I ordered? the exact same wig and i got it 3 weeks ago, and i was so disappointed! the hair is awful, the hair in the back is even worse, im so disappointed with platinum wigs and it was my first time ordering. Just waste 200 something dollars for nothing :'( PS. They sent me the wrong wig first and then sent my full lace, maybe that’s why they sent me a crappy one, ridiculous!

  11. Ashante Owens

    Hey Taren I really love this look on you! Anyway in the info box you listed this wig as Pw5028 and that it was a full lace but on the? site the full lace is Pw5028s. Is there really a difference between the two?


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