Godiva’s Secret Wigs Review

This video is a bit longer then my normal ones but I have so much to tell you about this awesome company that I couldn’t stop talking! Godvia has been in business for nearly 14 years and provides wigs, hair pieces, turbans, and hats to people all over the world. They have been voted Daily New’s Reader’s Choice for 4 years straight! They really are very knowledgeable and someone is always willing to help you find the right product for your needs and style! Products in this video: Long Blonde Wig – “Candice with Roots” in Nutmeg Short Brown/Red Wig – “Sabrina” in Red Pepper Brown/Blonde Wig – “Kelly” in Butter Pecan There wigs start at 9 and go up in price. They are completely worth every cent that you spend on them and with proper care and use, they will last forever! I have really enjoyed being able to change up my hair style at any moment. As many people know I am not very “Hair” inclined. I couldn’t style my hair for a million dollars! This is such a quick and easy way to change your look and give you new confidence in just seconds! The wigs themselves are easy to maintain, wash, style, and even cut if you want to match it more to your style. Godiva even allows you to sell wigs for them for a profit! So who needs Avon when you can sell wigs and give women and men all over the world the chance to gain the same self confidence you have. We all know hair defines us but we can’t allow money, time, or circumstance, define the style of hair we want! Godiva’s Secret Wigs
Video Rating: 4 / 5

12 thoughts on “Godiva’s Secret Wigs Review

  1. twinstar9

    Problem here. You don’t say how many times you have washed it. Once you wash it three times. the chemicals wash out that make is feel smooth and silky.? Then they get matted and dull and feel like horsehair. So your review is misleading and worse than useless. Didn’t do your research to discover this basic information. We have no way of knowing if it is a deceitful company that makes wigs that have an expiration date of three weeks or not.

  2. dmpharmd01

    Thank you Extension of Denim. I knew these were Noriko or some other reputable wig brand. I also knew? that Godiva lady is trying to pull them off as some unknown mystery brand that you can only get through them. I just couldn’t pin point which brands. Save yourself money ladies and get the same good quality wigs for alot less online.

  3. ExtensionOfDenim

    i dont know if you are affiliated with that lady’s company but the wigs are actually noriko/rene of paris wigs that are re-named. “candice” = Angelica by Noriko for example.? do they cut out the original tags and replace them too or does the tag say Noriko lol

  4. mslegacy01

    When showing the wig and for women to get a real good look and sense of it, turn slowly around.? How the back of the wig looks and fits and how it is cut and styled is just as important as what the front looks like. I see a lot of the women who are on Youtube showing wigs/weaves tend to stay facing forward and not show potential buyers what it looks like from all sides.

  5. Animal4Hire

    Well a little kid isnt gonna be bangin a fine chick like? her.. So i believe i am grown up and correct. Otherwise inform me.. But she is pretty hot… Have a nice day..

    ~~~ SinneR

  6. Igor

    well once you color your hair there’s no telling how it’ll come out the next thasound times you color it. dye takes to colored hair differently for everyone. so your best bet is to get highlights and lowlights with the darker shades you want, with foils. instead of coloring your whole head, since you know how it will look if you put dark blonde over platinum.


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