Goodfellas, Morrie’s Wigs commercial

Scorsese’s take on advertising. enough said.

23 thoughts on “Goodfellas, Morrie’s Wigs commercial

  1. LeslieChimes

    +Brandon Marcel That’s what I’ve been wondering. Do the original Marty
    Krugman wig commercials still exist, and has anyone found them? I imagine
    they could still be sitting on a storage shelf at a TV station somewhere.
    Would like to see them posted online.?

  2. controllerbrain

    Morrie’s wigs don’t come off, except when De Niro is trying to choke you to
    death with a telephone cable.

  3. john batts

    I would like to see the original.I remember a commercail like that as a
    kid. I use to think it was funny that the dude jumped in the pool to prove
    the tupe would come off. I wish I could remember it better. I was very

  4. SpaceOdyssey56

    The character of Morrie is based on Martin Krugman, who owned a wig salon
    called For Men Only in the early ’70s. I remember his commercial with the
    jump in the pool. Does anyone out there have the original?

  5. xThemalemodelsx

    It was in Queens. I posted this comment so long ago and have no idea what
    theyre doing with the building now… Like I said, last I heard it was a
    cleaning store.

  6. Orangeflava

    sorry but i meant is there a “Morrie’s Wigs” not marty’s. i thought maybe
    there was a Morrie’s wigs since the movie is so popular that someone
    decided to open up a shop in honor of the film. but there is not one, right?


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